Our recommended worldwide shipper is Daks Global, located in King of Prussia, PA. To obtain a shipping quote prior to the sale please call 484-370-8992 or email sales@daksglobal.com. WE MUST BE NOTIFIED no later than 3 business days following the end of the sale date if you intend to pick up from the auction house or use your own shipper. OTHERWISE, your items WILL BE MOVED to the storage facility in King of Prussia, PA, where storage fees will be incurred. Once everything is picked up, Daks Global will contact you with multiple shipping options after the sale including: FedEx, UPS, USPS, DHL, various freight providers and in-person delivery, as well as any and all express or overnight shipping needs. 10 Days from the completion of the sale, your order will begin accumulating storage fees. These fees are non-negotiable. It is unreasonable to have items held for excessive periods of time. The fees for storage are: $25 dollars for the first day (beginning on the 11th day after the completion of the sale) $10 per invoice, per day. For any shipping, moving, delivery, and pickup questions please call 484-370-8992 or email sales@daksglobal.com. YOUR ITEMS WILL BE MOVED TO OUR OFF-SITE SHIPPING FACILITY. IF YOUR INTENTIONS ARE TO PICK UP YOUR PURCHASES YOU MUST CONTACT US AT THE COMPLETION OF AUCTION. Anything not bought through LiveAuctioneers if left more than 3 business days will be have be picked up by Billy Mac Delivery . And you will have to pay storage fees.

Billy Mac Delivery
Email BillyMacDelivery@gmail.com​.​

If you intend to pick your items up in person at the gallery after the sale, the gallery must be notified no later than within 3 business days following the end of the sale date.
Otherwise your items will be moved to the shipper’s location in New Hope​​, ​​PA. Following any purchase made at our auction. your order will begin accumulating storage fees. Storage fees are as follows: $20 dollars for the first day and $10 dollars per item per day.

If you would like other shippers, please call the auction house​ 908​-​​237-3995.